Photos and Rates - Ol' Smoky #2

San Antonio BBQ Pits

Rates for 3 days is $150.00 plus sales tax. 

No Deposit, but we do require a valid Texas Driver's License and a VISA or Mastercard for security.

These are all wood-burning BBQ pits that are constructed of thick metal.  When they get hot they will hold their heat for quite a while with a minimum of fuss and fire tending. 

Two thermometers are included.  The grill size is approximately 60" x 24" and the smoker stack has 3-18" shelves and a sausage rod.  The trailer has room for firewood, ice chest and water coolers.

You pick them up and return them--you'll need a 2" trailer hitch ball and a standard 4-prong light plug.

After your party and after the BBQ pit cools down, you will need to remove the ashes and wash out the BBQ pit to get all the food remnants out (a good hard rinse at a car wash works well).